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An Easy Way To Customize Art For Your Home

I found these mask from Ghana on a shopping trip and was so excited to add them to my collection until I went to the frame store.   The estimate for framing each mask was so expensive.  It made me think why does framing cost so much?

Anyway, it was a perfect opportunity to get creative and find a budget friendly solution that of course would look fabulous.

In the process I discovered a super simple way to custom frame art pieces and make it look just as beautiful as the $450 estimate each they gave me at the store.

Here’s the best part is:

  • You could use this method for many different types of art or memorabilia, especially anything 3 dimensional.
  • My framing method only cost me $20.

Here’s what I used to frame my art pieces and what I did:

Supplies for framing you’ll need:

– A picture frame large enough for your art piece

– Fabric to coordinate or show-off your art piece

– Spray Adhesive

– Paint or Stain if you want to change the color of your frame



Splendid Habitat Framed Mask - Side viewI’m showing you how I framed African Mask but you can use this same technique with most any item you want to frame.


Original frameFrames are plentiful at thrift stores.  I always look for wood frames and I bought this one for less than $4.


IMG_2680Step 1.  Separate the back from the frame and remove the glass.  Paint or stain the frame your desired color if you need to.

wrap fabric on boardStep 2 – Cut your fabric one inch larger than the back board around all sides.  Apply spray adhesive to the back of fabric and wrap fabric around the board.  Use clips to secure the fabric and let it dry.

IMG_2688I did another version using a pinboard and cut cardboard to fit the center then wrapped the fabric and re- insert it once dry.

Step 3 – Once the fabric is attached re-secure the fabric covered board back into the frame.

Splendid Habitat custom frame artworkStep 4 – You will need to hammer a nail through the fabric side of the board to hang (or secure) the art piece.

Splendid Habitat custom frame artworkStep 5 – Hang on your wall and you’re done.

Now, I have a unique customized 3D wall hanging at a price anyone could afford.

I have many ideas for using this method.  How about you?  Any ideas?

Let me know what you come up with.  I’ll show you mine if you do the same.

Hang your own Artwork Splendid HabitatNot bad for $20. and a little time, huh.

I hope you enjoyed this easy and inexpensive hang.

Until next time ….

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