A Love Letter To My Husband

Dads love letter

I recently found a love letter my father wrote my mother in 1943.  It brought me to tears hearing his deep love for his wife, my mother.   So I thought since today is my 25th wedding anniversary, I would confess my love for my husband in a very public way by sharing this letter.  I hope it doesn’t make him blush too much since we are very private people.

I share this not to boast, but to extend hope to those who are married but may be struggling right now in their relationship.  I hope this letter encourages you to tell the person you love how much they love them.  Also, to those who are still looking for that one person to love keep looking he or she is out there so don’t give you or close your heart.

Elle wedding

To my husband, in our 25 years together we’ve had an extraordinary journey.  To mark this occasion here some of the reasons I Love you:

I love you because:

  1. When you stood before God and made a commitment you’ve worked every day since to honor it.
  2. You are a daily example of what a man is supposed to be to our two sons.
  3. Even though you have achieved much in life, you still remain humble.
  4. You love God and put Him first.
  5. You’ve made sacrifices for your family and you’ve never complained.
  6. You’ve taken me to the opera, ballet, museums, and even fashion shows because I wanted to go.
  7. When times were hard you stayed and we did the hard work to make things better.
  8. You support my dreams in tangible ways.
  9. We set a vision for our family and we’ve worked and still work hard to achieve it.
  10. You are John are Naomi’s son and you still honor your parents.
  11. Like fine wine you have gotten better with age.
  12. After all this time you still get excited when you look at me.
  13. You let me know how deeply you love me and you are looking forward to the next 25 years.

I wrote a far more extensive list but decided to share only a few. After all this is the world wide web and I can’t have you know all my business 🙂