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5 Elements To Create Bohemian Modern – The Decorating Style of Freedom & Worldly Appreciation

Bohemian Modern Style is a mix of this & that.  Some call it eclectic, some call it hippie leftover style, but I believe there’s a little bit of Bohemian or “Boho” in all of us.

Bohemian Modern Style - Splendid HabitatThe opulent Bohemian bedroom of designer Olatz Schanbel

Do you like to decorate with a mix of “this and that” collected from all over?

Do you believe items from a trip abroad, your grandmother, the local thrift store, etc all fit perfectly in the same room?

Are you drawn to patterns in a variety of colors and want to use them all?

Did a very close blood relative, say mom or dad:

  • Hangout at Woodstock?
  • Consider Gil Scott Herron, Jimmy Hendricks or Janis Joplin to be such a genius they dress like them?
  • Paint flowers and peace signs on the body as a childhood activity?
  • Move to a state that sells m…. not for health reasons?

If you can identify with any of the above maybe you too are a bohemian style lover.


Seriously, I actually love the freedom and variety of bohemian style.  I love to use handmade, authentic crafted items that showcase the richness of the countless ethnic cultures of the world in designs I create and curate.

I’m a natural bohemian appreciator with an elegant design aesthetic.   “Ethnic” rugs, textiles, decorative accessories and artworks that are considered bohemian are some of my favorite things!

So how do you pull off  a Boho Modern look without creating  mess?

Here are 5 elements that can make a Boho Modern room.  You can also add these element in almost any decorating style to give a room some soul.

 1 -Mix it Up!

Almost anything goes because It’s an eclectic mix!

 Bamboo Headboard - Boucherouite Rug

All Bohemian – Bamboo Headboard, Boucherouite Rug and Suzani

 2. Use what you have – Great for a small room or budget

Tiny space - Boho Chic living

Use what you have ottomans and benches, tables exposed walls – you have the freedom to do almost anything.

3. Perfect for your Travel Treasures.

Metal Headboard - Boho Chic

Imagine bringing home a fabulous craft like this headboard or an art piece or rug to decorate with.

boucherouite rug 5 x 7 Boho Modern

Love this boucherouite rug

Next time you travel look at all those craft items differently and maybe splurge on something special to bring home.

4.  Immerse yourself in a color & tell your story

Bohemian modern bedroom in blue Simplify your bohemian modern style by carefully selecting 2-3 colors and it can be boho elegant chic, just the way I like it.

5. Choose textiles and items from one country to unify your look.


Boho modern African urban


Boho Chic Style - bedroom

It’s easier to unify a look when you choose a textile and color story.

Now that you’ve taken a look  – Does Boho Modern Appeal to you?

Until next time … 

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